Brokeback Mountain

Tajemnica Brokeback Mountain (2005)


  • Universal Music Group

    Brokeback Mountain

    1. "Opening"
    2. "He Was A Friend Of Mine (Willie Nelson)"
    3. "Brokeback Mountain #1"
    4. "A Love That Will Never Grow Old (Emmylou Harris)"
    5. "King Of The Road (Rufus Wainwright & Teddy Thompson)"
    6. "Snow"
    7. "The Devil's Right Hand (Steve Earle)"
    8. "No One's Gonna Love You Like Me (Mary McBride)"
    9. "Brokeback Mountain #2"
    10. "I Don't Want To Say Goodbye (Teddy Thompson)"
    11. "I Will Never Let You Go (Jackie Green)"
    12. "Riding Horses"
    13. "An Angel Went Up In Flames"
    14. "It's So Easy (Linda Ronstadt)"
    15. "Brokeback Mountain #3"
    16. "The Maker Makes (Rufus Wainwright)"
    17. "The Wings"