El laberinto del fauno

plakat - Labirynt fauna (2006)


  • Warner Music Poland

    El laberinto del fauno

    1."Long, Long, Time Ago"
    2."The Labyrinth
    " 3."Rose, Dragon"
    4."The Fairy And The Labyrinth"
    5."Three Trials"
    6."The Moribund Tree And The Toad"
    8."A Book Of Blood"
    9."Mercedes Lullaby"
    10."The Refuge"
    11."Not Human"
    12."The River"
    13."A Tale"
    14."Deep Forest"
    15."Vals Of The Mandrake"
    16."The Funeral"
    18."Pan And The Full Moon"
    20."A Princess"
    21."Pans Labyrinth Lullaby"

    Dodatkowo cały soundtrack można odsłuchać na oficjalnej stronie filmu.