Gone with the Wind

plakat - Przeminęło z wiatrem (1939)


  • Warner Music Poland

    Gone with the Wind

    CD 1

    1."King Kong: Overture"
    2."A Distant Tumpet: Prelude"
    3."The Adventures of Don Juan: Suite"
    4."Parrish: Main Title"
    5."The Flame And The Arrow Suite"
    6."Now Voyager: First Love Scene"
    7."The Caine Mutiny: March"
    8."Ice Palace: Suite"
    9."Life With Father: Fanfare / Main Title"
    10."The Hanging Tree: Suite"
    11."The Treasure of Sierra Madre: Overture"
    12."Casablanca: Suite"
    13."The Charge of the Light Brigade: Forward the Light Brigade"

    CD 2

    1. Mark Twain
    2. Spencer's Mountain
    3. The Searchers
    4. Mildred Pierce
    5. Sergeant York
    6. A Summer Place
    7. A Summer Place
    8. Dark At The Top Of The Stairs
    9. FBI
    10. Johnny Belinda
    11. Gone With The Wind - Tara
    12. Gwtw - The Fall
    13. GWW-Finale