"I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours." - Cheshire Cat
"I guess I just like liking things." - Abed (from "Community")
"Either you wear the cape or the cape wares you." - Max Malini (from "The Cape")
"Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forest of the night What immoratl hand or eye? Could frame thy fearful symmetry?" - William Blake
"We all make our choices in life, the hard thing to do is live with them." - The Old Man (from "The Words")
"It ain't where you're from, Dodge. It's where you're at." - Gary "Tits" Titchfield (from "Spike Island")
"Nierzadko, wchodząc do mojego gabinetu, mam wrażenie, że brnę wśród ruin minionej kultury. Nie dlatego, że jest bałagan. Dlatego, że to wszystko wygląda na szczątki kulturalnego człowieka. A kiedyś nim byłem." - John Blacksad
"When I look into your eyes I want to change everything." - Dorcas Lane (from "Lark Rise to Candleford")
" - That's a little bit dishonest, don't you think? - Said a politician to a spy." (from "The Game")
"I adore these [vending machines]. It's like a miniature apartment building, and when you hit the right numbers, the occupant of your choice leaps to it's death and becomes your snack." (from "The Librarians)
"Why fell in love when you can fall asleep"
"Unable to perceive the shape of You,
I find You all around me.
Your presence fills my eyes with Your love,
It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere..." (from "The Shape of Water")
"It's everything you ever want;
It's everything you ever need;
And it's here right in front of you;
This is where you wanna be" ( from "The Greatest Showman")
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