Hok Yau Cheung

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Jacky Cheung I

Jacky Cheung jeszcze nie ma biografii na Filmwebie, możesz być pierwszym który ją doda!

Dane personalne:


data urodzenia: 10 lipca 1961

miejsce urodzenia: Hongkong, Wielka Brytania , (obecnie Chiny)

wzrost: 176 cm

żona May Lo Mei-Mei (od 15.02.1996), 2 córki
Ma dwoje rodzeństwa: brata i siostrę.
Wydał następujące albumy:
- 1985 r. - "Smile", "The Trusted Cross", "Amour She is Afar";
- 1986 r. - "In Love", "Homeless Love";
- 1987 r. - "Bomb", "Jacky Cheung JACKY", "Deep In My Heart";
- 1988 r. - "Dream In Grief <Last Night in the Dream State>", "Crazy for You <Distraughtly Crazy In Love>";
- 1989 r. - "For My Dearest", "Memories-Selected Collection", "You Will Always Be My Love <Wishing to Love One Person in a Lifetime>";
- 1990 r. - "Summer Dream", "Somewhere In Time <Jacky Cheung's First Love Story・Seem to Have Met before>";
- 1991 r. - "Uncontrolled Passion", "A Never Changing Heart", "Bright Ambition", "Love You More- Selected Collection";
- 1992 r. - "True Love Expression", "Sparks of Love";
- 1993 r. - "Forget Him", "Me and You", "Everlasting Love <Wishing To Follow You All My Life>"; "Painfully Waiting For You.", "The Goodbye Kiss", "Blessing";
- 1994 r. - "Jacky Cheung Live 1993", "Born to be Wild <Legend of a Hungry Wolf>", "Born to be Wild (Remix)", "Jacky Cheung 24K Gold", "Special Indicator", "Steal Your Heart", "A Warm Winter";
- 1995 r. - "With You All My Life Compilation", "True Love Compilation", "Sensitive World <Oversensitive World>", "Possession <Embrace Friend>", "Greatest Hits <3 Years, 2 Languages>";
- 1996 r. - "Jacky Cheung Concert 1995", "Qing Yuan Shi Zai", "Love and Symphony", "How Could I Forget You?";
- 1997 r. - "The Never Old Legend", "Wanna go for a walk with you", "Snow Wolf Lake";
- 1998 r. - "Jacky Cheung Greatest Hits", "Release Yourself", "No Regret";
- 1999 r. - "Someone", "Someone Live Concert", "The Best Of Jacky Cheung", "Running through 1999";
- 2000 r. - "Jacky Cheung 15 Years of Music", "Something Only Love Can Do", "Touch Of Love";
- 2001 r. - "The First <World's First Class>", "Jacky Fever";
- 2002 r. - "Jacky Cheung Greatest Hits", "Where Is He";
- 2003 r. - "Jacky 2002>2003 grand finale music odyssey";
- 2004 r. - "Life Is Like A Dream", "Black & White", "Jacky Live Concert Performance";
- 2005 r. - "Snow Wolf Lake";
- 2007 r. - "By Your Side";
- 2008-2009 r. - "The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07";
- 2010 r. - "Private Corner", "Wavin' Flag"; "Private Corner Mini Concert Live";
- 2013 r. - "Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour".

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